Arizona is home to two large annual rock and mineral shows, the granddaddy in the tiny community of Quartzite. It’s a 2-month long rock and mineral free-for-all, setup swap meet style for buyers and sellers. If it’s a rock, mineral or crystal, chances are pretty good you’ll find it there. Because so much of it is driven by individuals, prices can vary. For the most part, though, you’ve got a good shot at picking up rock specimens at lower prices than the average venue.

The next meet is January 1 – February 28, 2015. There’s no admission fee, but count on paying for parking and count on a LOT of walking. There are (so far) 9 show locations, situated along Interstate 10. Quartzite is 129 miles (about 2 hours) west of Phoenix, 18 miles east of the California border.

Besides the geological finds, the extravaganza features everything from genuine Native American goods to more typical flea market kitsch.

Don’t count on getting a motel room. Lodging is most often an RV you bring along with you.

For detailed information, check out the page at http://xpopress.com/QZ-show-schedule.html. Don’t forget your sunscreen!